BC Cranes Group


BC CRANES GROUP brand unifies domestic and foreign companies which provide lifting solutions. We are stronger together, thus we can offer customers from various industries a full spectrum of lifting solutions and services.

BC CRANES GROUP areas of activity:

  • Tower cranes
  • Mobile cranes
  • Industrial cranes
  • Service and modernization
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BC Cranes Group

Baltic Cranes Engineering UAB
Design, installation, repair and service of industrial cranes

BC Cranes Group

Baltic Cranes Logistics UAB
Rental and sales of tower and mobile cranes

BC Cranes Group

Vilniaus kranai UAB
Rental of tower and mobile cranes

SIA Baltic Cranes

BC Cranes Group

UAB Baltic Cranes Technologies
Designing, manufacturing and sales of tower cranes

UAB Baltic Cranes
Management and rental of real estate